Transformative Growth

Transformative Growth

Through strategic growth and a student-centered mindset, The Community Solution’s founding institution has become a leader in integrated health education.

The Chicago School was the first institution to join The Community Solution Education System and was instrumental in developing a culture of collaboration and partnership. Bolstered by a culture that centers innovation, community, and impact, the institution has expanded its reach, educating tomorrow’s professionals in psychology, health, business, counseling, and behavioral sciences.

Geographic Growth

In collaboration with operational experts at The Community Solution, The Chicago School set its sights on geographic expansion beyond its campuses in Chicago and Los Angeles. The university focused on maintaining a presence in urban locations, immersing students in the diverse communities that they would ultimately serve. In 2010, The Chicago School ventured to the East Coast, establishing a campus in Washington, D.C. This strategic move provided students with access to diverse opportunities and resources in a new region. Operational support from the System continued to fuel further expansion with the university establishing campuses in Dallas and throughout Southern California. In addition to new physical campuses that offered more degree programs and specialties, The Chicago School broadened its online offerings, increasing flexibility and access for students seeking a high-quality, practical education in behavioral sciences. The Chicago School educates more than 6,000 students annually.

Expanding Academic Offerings

In partnership with The Community Solution, The Chicago School has experienced remarkable program growth, expanding its academic offerings from 11 programs in 2009 to more than 40 today. The institution has made significant strides in various fields, addressing critical needs in the evolving U.S. healthcare landscape with interdisciplinary curricula designed to tackle interconnected global health challenges. A signal of programmatic excellence, 16 of The Chicago School’s programs hold programmatic accreditation, including from the APA, CACREP, COAMFTE, NASP, and more.

Founded on a commitment to providing hands-on training to students in urban, real-world settings, the university has emerged as a leader and innovator in training students to address mental health challenges at individual, family, and community levels. System experts provided a structure of support that allowed academic leaders to think big and examine how The Chicago School might broaden its academic reach to impact fields outside of psychology. Today its curriculum expands the application of psychology to an array of professional careers across health, business, counseling, and behavioral sciences. Through this expansion the university is positioned to prepare professionals who will skillfully and compassionately serve the current and emerging integrated health needs of our society.

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Continued Growth:

The Proposed Illinois College of Osteopathic Medicine

The Chicago School has long promoted the integration of physical and mental health, focusing on the idea that there is no health without mental health. An expansion into osteopathic medicine further supports the university’s ambition of meeting the healthcare needs of local communities by training and graduating a diverse workforce that can support diverse communities throughout the country.

With the goal of welcoming students in 2024, the proposed IllinoisCOM aims to:

  • Provide a sustainable pipeline of qualified physicians for communities in need.
  • Diversify future generations of healthcare providers.
  • Equip future osteopathic physicians with the tools to identify, treat, and manage behavioral health conditions.

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