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Evolving The Community Solution

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The Community Solution recently launched a new brand identity, marking a new era for the organization as it enters its fourteenth year. Transitioning from TCS Education System to “The Community Solution Education System,” the System adopted an updated logo and color palette.

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The Future of Education: Embracing AI for Student Success

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Our world is in the early stages of a potentially transformational technological revolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI), fueled by vast generative language models like ChatGPT, is predicted to upend virtually every corner of society.

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University of Western States Becomes Sixth Institution to Join TCS Education System

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The Community Solution Education System, a national nonprofit system of colleges and universities, announced today that Portland, Oregon-based University of Western States (UWS) has become the newest institution to join its System.

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News from Across our System

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University of Western States Celebrates 120 Years of Excellence in Chiropractic and Whole-Person Health Care Education

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Career Paths at The Community Solution

The diverse experiences and expertise of the professionals within The Community Solution Education System are foundational to our success. We are a community of professionals with diverse areas of expertise,…