Our Model

Our Model

Elements of The Community Solution

1. Culture

A culture of radical cooperation runs through every aspect of our community. Through academic assemblies, board conferences, and leadership summits, we connect as a community to find solutions to universal challenges and opportunities for collaboration across institutions. This practice has led to new program offerings, new international experiences for students, and adoption of new technology systems.

2. Infrastructure

Our shared resources provide operational support and expertise in key functional areas to advance the strategic goals of each institution and the System as a whole.

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    Finance & Accounting

    We support the financial stability of our communities through effective management of our investment portfolio and creation of fiscally responsible processes for payroll, accounting, and taxes.

  • Human Resources

    We offer centralized support to maintain standards for System-wide compensation, benefits, HR information systems, performance management, recruitment, and training.

  • Global Engagement

    We work to expand international experiences and opportunities for our communities through education abroad, global-focused events, and international student recruitment and support.

  • Student Finance

    We employ a centralized approach to support students in navigating the financial aspects of their education, as well as ensure regulatory compliance for each institution.

  • Governance

    We support strategic alignment initiatives across the System and ensure college and university communities have the resources needed to meet their goals.

  • Information and Learning Technology

    We support the technological infrastructure of our communities through robust support and high-quality solutions that maintain information security and create an engaging learning environment.

  • Enrollment Services

    We partner with admissions teams for our colleges and universities to aid in the strategic growth of our communities through operational support, training, military outreach, and student engagement.

  • Academic Support

    We utilize instructional design and research to support all aspects of the academic experience to facilitate the delivery of enriching, engaging, and impactful educational opportunities for our communities.

  • Marketing

    We utilize integrated marketing practices and employ a cross-functional approach to positively impact the student life cycle and brand equity for each institution.

3. Governance

Each community that makes up The Community Solution Education System is stronger and more resilient because of our integrated model. While each institution’s Board of Trustees exercises operational oversight for strategic growth, our model employs a collaborative process where Board members and leadership within our colleges, universities, and the System can gain insights and learnings from each other to ultimately enhance the academic experience, student success, and sustainable growth of each institution.