Education Beyond Borders

Education Beyond Borders

True to its mission of educating global citizens, The Community Solution finds ways to make global experiences available to students across institutions.

For many students, international educational experiences are a pivotal point in their academic journey. While these experiences are valuable learning tools, many factors prevent students from participating in programs abroad. Additionally, smaller institutions often face financial barriers to establishing international trips for students.

Recognizing that success in an increasingly globalized world demands exposure to varied perspectives, The Community Solution sought to develop a program that made international experiences more accessible for students across the System.

Program Development

Education Beyond Borders was created to offer students from across the System opportunities to examine global issues through the lenses of law, psychology, human development, health sciences, and education. It would be a short-term, interdisciplinary course available to students enrolled in any college or university within The Community Solution Education System.

The Community Solution worked with collegiate leadership to resolve several hurdles, an exercise in our central value of collaboration. Challenges included coordinating schedules due to different academic calendars and ensuring a consistent program cost across institutions. Colleges and System experts worked together to establish an affordable rate that would maintain accessibility for all students.

With these initial challenges resolved, Education Beyond Borders became a reality.

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Education Beyond Borders – Berlin, Germany

In 2016 a group of 20 students traveled to Berlin, Germany for the inaugural Education Beyond Borders study abroad trip. The course, Immigration in Context, examined the refugee crisis in Europe and the social support structures needed to serve a sudden influx of immigrants. Students toured shelters and met with refugees, experiencing first-hand the realities of an ongoing crisis.

The course asked students studying law, education, psychology, and other disciplines to shift their focus and consider the issue of immigration from a perspective other than their chosen field of study. By traveling with students from other academic programs, they learned not only from their new surroundings but also from their peers. This layered approach to studying abroad offered a truly transformational experience that broadened mindsets and gave participants a well-rounded view of a complex societal issue.

By traveling with students from other academic programs, they learned not only from their new surroundings but also from their peers.

In the years since the program’s development, students have traveled to South Africa and Japan for interdisciplinary courses as part of Education Beyond Borders. As part of our mission to empower agents of change in a global community, the System’s Global Engagement Department provides comprehensive support to colleges as they enhance international offerings for their students. Community members are exposed to a wide array of cultural opportunities including study abroad programs and field experiences, impactful global awareness events, and faculty activities that promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. As a result of this effort, study abroad and international experiences have increased across the System with relationships developed across the globe.

Our Global Reach

Invested in global educational partnerships and learning opportunities, The Community Solution Education System has developed a Global Partnership Network, with MOUs and study abroad opportunities in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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