Saybrook University

Saybrook University

From its inception in 1979, Saybrook University has empowered students to create a more sustainable and just world. A pioneer in hybrid instruction, Saybrook transforms learning by humanizing the virtual experience to develop leaders who drive positive social change and prioritize holistic health.

Saybrook’s educational model focuses on common experiences to build a better understanding of human relationships and cultural interaction, appealing to working professionals interested in impacting the world in a positive way. One of the first U.S. universities to offer online graduate education to working professionals, Saybrook combines online education with in-person learning experiences for a tailored, comprehensive academic environment. The Saybrook experience is rooted the humanistic tradition, allowing the community to help students reach their full potential.




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A Human-Centered Approach

Emphasizing the integration of mind, body, and spirit, Saybrook fosters a holistic learning environment that values personal growth, social responsibility, and transformative change. This atmosphere of community and empowerment enables students to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

Pioneer in Online Education
Through an innovative approach, students engage in dynamic coursework, collaborate with peers, and receive personalized support from dedicated faculty.
Student Engagement
Prioritizing connection and engagement, Saybrook hosts regular Residential Learning Experiences where students and faculty come together for immersive learning experiences and meaningful interactions.
Humanistic Education
Inspired by Saybrook’s founding principles based in humanistic psychology, students delve into the exploration of human potential and understanding of diverse perspectives.
Global Perspective
In conjunction with The Community Solution staff, Saybrook offers international experiences, giving students a unique opportunity to explore new cultures and practices.
We’re dedicated to providing an education that develops humanistic leaders. Our partnership with The Community Solution has enhanced our ability to reach more students seeking a human-centered approach. With this collaboration we’ve further enhanced and refined our offerings, placing students at the forefront of the learning journey.”
– Nathan Long, Ed.D., President, Saybrook University