Kansas Health Science Center

Kansas Health Science Center

In response to the dire rural health care shortage, The Community Solution leveraged operational expertise to achieve an ambitious goal: the establishment and opening of a college of osteopathic medicine in just three years. As an institution, Kansas Health Science Center is dedicated to addressing critical health care resource deficiencies in underserved communities across Kansas and beyond. In 2022, KHSC welcomed the first class of students to the Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine, the first college of osteopathic medicine in the state. The college provides a comprehensive education that combines the core tenets of osteopathic medicine with curriculum focused on innovative technologies and community-based care.

The college integrates clinical experiences into its curriculum, empowering students to excel in compassionate and integrated health care. Graduates will emerge as leaders prepared to meet diverse community needs, delivering effective, empathic, and innovative care to optimize patient and community health.


College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas




Annual Hours of Community Service

Expanding Health Care Access to Rural America

KHSC – KansasCOM aims to play a crucial role in expanding health care access to rural America by training and equipping future osteopathic physicians who are specifically prepared to serve and meet the health care needs of these communities.

Connecting Physicians
Developed to support community-based clinicians, the Kansas Education and Research Network seeks to address health care disparities through research infrastructure and continuing education opportunities.
Serving Community
True to its mission of service, the college supports local physicians through connecting students to high-need regions. Embedded students fulfill a critical need while gaining valuable experience.
Modernizing Medicine
Through integration of state-of-the-art technology, courses offer immersive and innovative learning experiences that prepare students for the evolving health care landscape.
Creating Access
With support from The Community Solution, KHSC – KansasCOM received approval to award federal financial aid within its first year of operations—an achievement that makes medical education more accessible and affordable.
The endeavor of opening a college of medicine is no small feat, but thanks to the partnership and operational expertise of The Community Solution, we are educating and empowering tomorrow’s osteopathic medical leaders.”
– Tiffany Masson, Psy.D., President, Kansas Health Science Center