Applying to The Community Solution

Application Process

What to Expect

After applying you will receive an email confirmation letting confirming receipt of your application. Once our Human Resources Department conducts a review of your application, you will receive notification regarding the next steps in our recruitment process.

If selected to move forward in the interview process, a member of our Human Resources team will reach out to you directly to schedule an introductory call. On the introductory call, we will discuss the position and organizational details, ask questions to better understand your skills and interest in working with The Community Solution. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions about the specific job opportunity.

Candidate Screening Process

Our Human Resources team reviews each candidate and their application thoroughly. We compare each applicants’ experience, education, and skills reflected in their resume and application, against the qualifications and requirements of the open position. Our goal is to find the most qualified candidates for each job opportunity.

woman with glasses checking list during meeting

Interview Preparation and Tips

  • Ensure you are scheduling interviews during a time that you are free from obligations and distractions. Ideally, you want to be in a quiet and distraction-free location for the duration of the interview.
  • Download the appropriate communication application (Zoom or Microsoft Teams) prior to your interview.
  • Dress in professional or business professional attire.
  • Review the job description and/or posting again before your interview.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your background and experiences, providing details that are relevant to the job’s responsibilities.
  • Research The Community Solution Education System before your interview.
  • We encourage you to be authentic and genuine during the interview. Don’t be afraid to showcase your individuality and strengths!