Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our Commitment

Our values-driven community reflects an understanding that cooperation – not competition – is the key to prolonged success. The Community Solution brings together progressive, dedicated individuals inspired by our System’s commitment to improving communities through education.

Our Mission

The Community Solution Education System prepares innovative, engaged, purposeful agents of change who serve our global community.

Our Values

Our core values are what motivate the decisions made and the work we do at The Community Solution.

Our Operating Principles

The following Operating Principles describe how we at The Community Solution put our values into action to serve our students, each other, and our greater community.

  1. We lead by example.
  2. We welcome diverse experiences, perspectives, and options.
  3. We communicate honestly and with respect, even under pressure.
  4. We problem-solve, leaning into our community of experts for innovative solutions.
  5. We work collaboratively toward a common goal for the greater good.
  6. We strive for excellence in everything we do.
  7. We learn from both our successes and our mistakes.