A Strategic Alliance for Excellence

A Strategic Alliance for Excellence

University of Western States joined The Community Solution as a proactive step in securing their long-term future.

In spring of 2022, University of Western States made the strategic decision to join The Community Solution Education System as a proactive response to the disruptive challenges facing higher education in America. Under the leadership of President Joseph Brimhall, DC, UWS recognized the importance of engaging in preemptive strategies to secure its long-term future. Unlike many institutions that seek external support due to financial difficulties or operational struggles, UWS was already thriving and excelling when they decided to become a part of The Community Solution.

The prevailing trend of small, independent institutions facing uncertain enrollment patterns, variable student completion rates, and burdensome student loan debt prompted UWS to explore different strategic pathways. Insightful leaders at the university acknowledged that the most effective approach was to choose a path before any potential crisis emerged, ensuring sustainable growth and success. They evaluated options such as partnering with a comparable institution, being acquired by a larger entity, or joining a higher education system.

It was crucial for UWS to find a partner that respected its unique identity and mission.

Throughout Dr. Brimhall’s two-decade tenure as president, UWS consistently assessed the evolving higher education landscape and took innovative steps to secure its future. Instead of leaving their future to chance, the leadership team actively sought opportunities for growth and advancement. It was crucial for UWS to find a partner that respected its unique identity and mission while providing opportunities for collaboration and shared resources. This is exactly what they found at The Community Solution.

The Community Solution’s model of radical cooperation appealed to UWS, as it demonstrated a proven track record of advancing student success and increasing community impact. Through this strategic partnership, UWS has gained access to innovative educational tools like virtual learning, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, enabling them to stay at the forefront of modern education practices.

University of Western States’ decision to join The Community Solution was not borne out of desperation but from a visionary outlook towards securing their long-term future. This proactive approach allowed them to maintain their unique identity while gaining access to invaluable resources and opportunities, ultimately strengthening their position in the marketplace and enhancing student success.

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