Our leadership team brings a wide array of experience and higher education knowledge to our System and their respective areas of expertise. A culture of radical cooperation runs throughout our organization, with System-wide leaders meeting weekly to share best practices, work through challenges, and explore strategic opportunities for enhancement.

Michael Horowitz, Ph.D.

President, The Community Solution

As the founding president of The Community Solution Education System, Michael Horowitz, Ph.D., has more than 30 years of experience in higher education in roles that include faculty member, program director, and dean. Prior to founding The Community Solution, Dr. Horowitz served as president of The Chicago School for nearly a decade. Under his direction, The Chicago School grew from a single-program, single-campus institution with 215 students, to a prominent multi-campus leader in graduate psychology and behavioral sciences education, with more than 2,500 students educated annually. Inspired by this success, he envisioned a community model that could provide not just stability but sustained growth—where universities collaborate, gain resources, and share expertise.

In 2009, he founded The Community Solution Education System and continues to lead our community of nonprofit colleges and universities in the shared mission of preparing innovative, engaged, purposeful agents of change who serve our global community. Dr. Horowitz holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University and B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University.

System Leadership

Joseph Brimhall, DC
University of Western States
Jennifer Gantz, M.S.
Chief Financial Officer
The Community Solution Education System
Nathan Long, Ed.D.
President, Saybrook University
Deborah Markos
Deborah Markos, M.S.
Chief Operating Officer
The Community Solution Education System
Tiffany Masson, Psy.D.
President, Kansas Health Science Center
Rick Merrick
Rick Merrick, B.S.
Chief Information Officer
The Community Solution Education System
Shari Mikos
Shari Mikos, M.S.M.
Chief of Staff
The Community Solution Education System
Michele Nealon
Michele Nealon, Psy.D.
The Chicago School
Matt Nehmer
Matthew Nehmer, Ph.D.
The Colleges of Law
Brian Powell
Brian Powell, J.D.
Chief Human Resources Officer
The Community Solution Education System
Leanne Wruck
Leanne Wruck, Ph.D.
Interim President, Pacific Oaks College and Children's School
Chief Academic Officer, The Community Solution Education System