The Colleges of Law

The Colleges of Law

Since its founding in 1969, The Colleges of Law has worked to improve accessibility and affordability in legal education. With locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura, The Colleges of Law is a State Bar of California-accredited law school offering flexible program structures and a pathway to the legal profession that is more accessible to students juggling family commitments and careers.

Professors are dedicated and seasoned legal experts who prepare students for successful careers through an engaging learning environment and with the backing of real-world experience. Graduates join a network of thousands of accomplished attorneys and judges or may apply their degree to law-related fields including social advocacy, journalism, real estate, and health care administration.


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Champion of Access

An innovative and supportive learning environment opens doors and empowers aspiring legal professionals to embark on their educational journey with confidence. With a founding principle to provide accessible, high-quality legal education, The Colleges of Law seeks to build a stronger justice system that better serves its citizens.

Educational Trailblazer
A first-of-its-kind Hybrid J.D. program combines online learning with on-site residencies, providing accessibility and affordability for students who may find traditional programs out of reach.
DEI Leadership
An inaugural recipient of the DEI Leadership Seal from the State Bar of California, The Colleges of Law is recognized for programming that encourages dialogue among individuals of all backgrounds.
Accreditation Success
With support from The Community Solution, The Colleges of Law achieved WSCUC accreditation and approval to award federal financial aid in 2015, furthering its mission of making legal education accessible.
Global Learning
The Colleges of Law worked with System staff to launch its first-ever study abroad program to Cuba, allowing students to study a different legal framework and criminal justice system in an international context.
Joining The Community Solution and gaining access to its operational and strategic foundation has allowed us to enhance our curriculum offerings and embrace innovative approaches to legal education. It has empowered us to think beyond traditional boundaries, resulting in a distinctive educational experience for our students.”
– Matthew Nehmer, Ph.D., President, The Colleges of Law