Update: Executive Order on Immigration

In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Trump administration’s travel ban can be fully enforced, TCS Education System renews our commitment to an education that transcends geographical borders.

To date, the state of immigration regulations in the United States is one that is in flux. Within the past year, several major changes have been made to both the DACA program as well as immigration and travel restrictions. Some of these changes have been revised, reversed, or upheld by different courts throughout the U.S.—adding to the uncertainty that many of us share.

On Monday, December 4th, the Supreme Court ruled the Trump administration can fully enforce its executive order that bans travel to the United States from the following countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and Somalia

While this decision comes from the Supreme Court, this is not necessarily the final word on the travel ban as there are still many other challenges moving through lower courts.

As a system of colleges that embraces a global community context, issues that may threaten international fluidity and mobility is of chief concern. For that reason, TCS Education System provides centralized and informative resources for our community. In the past year, we have provided our own response and stance on immigration-related issues:

Common themes unite us at TCS Education System and our system of colleges. Here, we value:

  • Diversity: We welcome a global community environment in which we learn and grow to become agents of change for the world.
  • Knowledge: As institutions of higher education, our pursuit is to inquire, learn, engage, and understand.
  • Community: All individuals in our community matter

Because immigration affects each of us differently—in many cases on a very personal level—the response is varied. As we move forward, there is one fundamental question that everyone needs to ask her/himself: How do I get involved on a local, national, and international level?

We provide the following resources to assist members of our community or their families who may be affected by these administrative decisions regarding immigration or residency in the United States: Immigration Resource Guide.

TCS Education System’s Global Engagement department is serving as the central hub for tracking related issues and supporting campus leaders on actions and policy. If you are aware additional resources that we have not shared here, please contact Global Engagement to let us know.

We continue to take the stance of an organization that cherishes the diversity of our community and will continue to do everything we can to protect it. During these uncertain times, the most important thing to do is to speak out. If you are experiencing immigration related challenges, or know someone else who is, please contact the TCS Global Engagement team immediately.

Ultimately, TCS Education System and its affiliates embrace the concept that global engagement creates a space where the free exchange of people, ideas, and knowledge can thrive. No matter the actions that are taken at a national level, TCS will continue to embrace the values of diversity, knowledge, and community within our global community context.