TCS Education System welcomes new Vice President of Academic Affairs

Leanne Wruck, Ph.D., joins TCS following a 16-year career at Argosy, where she worked as Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

By TCS Education System

leanne wruckLeanne Wruck, Ph.D., has had an unconventional path to higher education—sprinkled with positions at Sprint, Dataserve, and Hallmark and driven by mentors—that led her to TCS Education System.

“I wouldn’t change anything about my path, because every decision I made led me to where I am right now,” says Dr. Wruck, who joined the Chicago office in February 2019.

Dr. Wruck currently oversees the Office of Institutional Research, Academic Program Implementation, Compliance and Records, Library and Information Resources, Instructional Design, Education Technology, and Data Analytics. Her team has a role in each part of the student life cycle: from the time they request information from one of our partner universities (academic operations), to when they complete their degree and enter the workforce as a distinguished alumnus.

Along the way, developing strong relationships is part of what continued to propel her. Whether it was professors in college telling her she should be a teacher, to someone at Hallmark inspiring her to build up her technical skills, to her manager at Dataserve encouraging her to take IT classes, to her time at Sprint, which inspired her to pursue a doctorate in education, Dr. Wruck has taken every opportunity with gratitude.

Prior to joining TCS Education System, Dr. Wruck spent 16 years working at Argosy University from Director of Curriculum and Instruction, to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. She built the position and her teams at Argosy from the ground up, pouring “blood, sweat, and tears” into the process. While there, she helped with reaccreditation, facilitated mock WASC campus and administrative office visits, digitalized all textbooks and the course catalog, and changed the entire faculty model to align with industry standards to help give them more structure.

This led to the latest stage of her career, one that combines all of her skills in an ideal balance: leading academic affairs for a multi-institutional higher education organization.

While at Argosy Dr. Wruck was responsible for establishing many critical organizational structures, but at TCS she has inherited teams that already have a solid foundation. Dr. Wruck views this as an opportunity to see things from a different perspective—using past experiences to ask questions and challenge existing processes. It’s this background and inquisitiveness that will help to further TCS’ model.

“If you see a gap, you ask around to make sure no one is working on the gap, and then come up with a solution to fill the need,” Dr. Wruck says. “It keeps me going.”

Dr. Wruck already sees ways to expand TCS’ mission, while continuing to learn herself. She’s aiding the system to vet additional potential partnerships, a side of the business she has never experienced before. Dr. Wruck is also meeting with the leaders in her department to reimagine how TCS can support the colleges’ academic structures, and how they can be better and stronger.

Dr. Wruck is excited to work with a company that has such a strong mission. She admires the strong leadership and clear vision that Michael Horowitz, Ph.D., has for TCS, and sees a long future for herself here.

“TCS has an impressive collection of people that have come together to form this impactful working model,” Dr. Wruck says. “I am excited to get to know the people here and to help strengthen, advance, and grow our system and our mission.”