Dr. Jack Paduntin Named 11th President of Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School


TCS Education System is defined by the agents of change that lead each department and school that makes up The Community Solution®. Dr. Jack Paduntin is one of these leaders and has been named president of Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School.

“I’ve had the privilege to work alongside many leaders throughout my career in higher education,” TCS Education System President Michael Horowitz, Ph.D., said. “One thing I’ve seen is that those who lead with humility, a sense of humor, and a focus on collaboration tend to be the most effective at mobilizing and motivating people to accomplish big things. I believe Jack Paduntin is one such leader.”

Dr. Paduntin joined Pacific Oaks in January as interim president, previously working as TCS Education System’s chief academic officer. As part of The Community Solution in Higher Education, Dr. Paduntin has used his career to give back and pave roads for students from all walks of life. Now as president, he will continue to use his unique experiences to advance Pacific Oaks’ core values of respect, diversity, social justice, and inclusion.

At the age of 24, Dr. Paduntin traveled to the U.S. from Thailand to pursue his MBA at the University of Dallas. With very little English fluency, he continued his education and within two years had acclimated himself to an entirely new culture, learned the language, and excelled in his studies. His unique perspective as an immigrant continues to dictate how he approaches student engagement. “I’ve seen a lot of students come through the same path I did. I see how they struggle with language, culture, and change, and supporting their success is very meaningful and rewarding to me,” he says.

Dr. Paduntin joined TCS Education System in August 2017, discovering an organization aligned with his vision for higher education. “Prior to joining TCS, I closely observed the impact that TCS had in higher education and was very impressed. The fact that the System is focused on student success is critical to me. In addition, I too believe in radical cooperation, a key success factor in The Community Solution. Working with all the partner schools that share common values, I was energized and motivated. When the former president of Pacific Oaks announced her retirement and the Board asked that I support the college as its interim president during the transition, I was honored.”

Dr. Paduntin has dedicated his entire professional life to giving back to the community, and intends to continue prioritizing radical cooperation at Pacific Oaks. As a staunch advocate for students, Dr. Paduntin plans to ensure their academic success and growth through his tireless work driving progressive improvements at Pacific Oaks.

“I knew immediately that Pacific Oaks was my new home, a home where I want to contribute my knowledge, expertise, and energy so that students and community members have more access to the high quality, value-rich education offered by our preschool and our college. Our timeless core values of social justice, diversity, inclusion, and respect set us apart. These values are instilled into members of our community. They are prominent and they define who we are.”