A New Chapter: TCS Ed System helps Saybrook University continue their legacy with a new visual identity

How do you honor the legacy of a remarkable university while positioning it for future success?

TCS Education System’s Marketing Department posed this central question while partnering with Saybrook University to update their brand identity to better reflect the work and spirit of the institution.

A member of our community of colleges and universities since 2014, Saybrook University has been a pioneer in humanistic studies for more than 40 years. Saybrook has a strong history of faculty innovators and a reputation for inspiring students to be active contributors to the world around them.

Using extensive research from focus groups and industry trends as a foundation, we sought to create a visual identity that could holistically represent Saybrook’s vision and co-exist within an increasingly digital age.



The new logo incorporates one of the most unique aspects of human expression — a  signature.

Representative of the mark our faculty, students, and alumni leave on the world, Saybrook’s new logo is a tangible imprint of its legacy.  Supporting graphics of the brand identity include elements of nature, reminding us of the system that we all share and that we are all part of a global community.

Starting now through Spring 2016, the new logo and visual identity will be applied to the Saybrook website, student-facing communications, marketing collateral, and advertising efforts.

The creation of a new logo and visual identity is one of many signs of Saybrook’s remarkable growth and continued transformation. We couldn’t agree more with the words of Dr. Nathan Long, president of Saybrook University, “Our new visual identity allows us to remain authentic to our history, acknowledge the realities of the present, and embrace the possibilities of our future.”